General Informations

Our division employs its creative genius to generate various innovative architectural solutions for Giant Wheels.
The picture below displays one example of a method architects used to develop non-traditional avenues, and their desire to use the Giant Wheel as a new architectural object. These ideas enable you to create an incomparable solution for your Wheel that is not found anywhere else in the world.

Vehicles / Cabins

This Wheel Type has Closed Cabins completely designed and built in Italy, all manufactured with steel structures and completed with fiberglass.

The Design provides a perfect passengers experience thank to its high quality of comfort, ergonomic and visibility. Front and back doors are opening and closing manually by means of a special mechanism. A special powered Air- Conditioning Unit is installed on top of the Cabin.


This design represents the most flexible project we developed, main columns are round shaped, the rotation structure has less spokes (two vehicles for one spoke), thus increasing the resistance to wind loads.

All Cabins or Vehicles are designed to seat 6 guests maximum. La Grande Roue: Could be equipped with different Cabins or Vehicles at customer’s request; Could be completed with a steel base to simplify the installation avoiding any concrete foundations; Could be completed with a large platform with fences.

In addition this Wheel could be completed with other options such as Ticket Booth, Control Room or a special Roof to protect bystanders from sun and rain. All these options allow however to purchase La Grande Roue in it’s in Full Portable Version maintaining a high degree of portability and the professional operation and presentation of the Wheel in an easy way.


The basic version provides an E14 size LED Bulb installed on a traditional Cabochons but also RGB LED will be available already provided for in the light program.
The market offers also some special rectangular sized RGB LEDs, only in multicolour version, that allow also a remote control. These versions are more fit to be installed on the spokes. Another proposal is the new RBG LED SPOT-6 (multicolour) with some very powerful LEDs mounted in one unique spot light, a perfect solution to be installed on the Wheel Rim and allows also a build-in program or remote control.
The latest novelty is represented by RBG LED FL-BAR that contains different multi colored LED lights or single bars with 7 led lights (with approx. 10 mm distance one from another). This system provides enormous additional light possibilities.

Drive System

Drive System consists in AC Motors, gearboxes and tyres to move the WHEEL in “classic” during normal operation.
The Drive System is connected to the Main Support Frame and its tyres will act on the circumference Rim creating friction. The Drive system is designed in such a way that in the case of one pair of motors show a failure the Wheel can be continued to operate.