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Welcome to Giant Wheels

Giant Wheels is the new Fabbri Group division focused on identifying the most feasible and lucrative sites all over the world where installing an Observation Wheel, which is considered a real city Tourist Attraction. This division is globally researching prospective locations for many different sizes of Giant Wheels that will range in their overall height from 53 meters up to 120 meters, as well as providing their design and manufacturing. These incredible Tourist Attractions have the potential to attract tourists, to generate an impressive return on investment and to offer people an experience they are unlikely to forget.

Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing Giant Wheels combined with a cosmopolitan savoir-faire of the world attractions market makes the Giant Wheels division one of the strongest benchmarks of our time with proven support and service for your future investment. Our division also offers you the opportunity to make a feasibility study for your particular situation. Offering an infinite variety of options, we are able to create the perfect Giant Wheel integration in its environment ensuring a synergy that will benefit the wheel operator and the real estate development.

Observation Wheels Delivered