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Technical Specifications


SKY WALKING is the latest new Park and Tourist Attraction providing a unique experience to bring passengers to new heights or soaring heights and enjoy breath-taking panoramic views. The Ride offers an modern/contemporary alternative to a traditional a Ferris Wheel reducing the investment cost and offering a faster return on the investment. The ride offers a register design and gives the passengers the thrilling experience of a faster cycle time, reaching 80 meters and delivers stunning panoramic views while suspended at the top. New Passenger’s Experience: Passengers are transported to the top with the wind on their faces, feeling completely suspended, as opposed to enclosed like a tower ride or enclosed gondola wheel, thanks to the special inclined design

Free Walk:
the passengers are free to walk in the vehicles without any personal safety devices
Deep View Experience:
passengers can view both vertically and horizontally due to the a Glass Floor beneath the seats/restraints
360° View:
vehicles will rotate to allow passengers to experience a 360° panorama

Maximized Capacity: while passengers, at the top are experiencing fantastic views of the surrounding area, the other vehicle gondola is being loaded on the platform at the bottom. Once the vehicle is loaded, the passengers ascend to the top, while rotating the main arm and lowering the other vehicle gondola to disembark.

Structural Design

The Attraction's specially engineered structural design fits both antique and modern environments, adding unique harmonic shape to the linearity of the buildings.


Due to the unique engineering of Sky Walking and round, suspended gondolas, the vehicles can be adapted to accommodate multiple environments and climatic conditions for tourist attractions, special dining, meetings, receptions or other special events and private bookings.

  • Gondolas completely open
  • Gondolas completely enclosed
  • Gondolas partially open and closed
  • Customized version

Access The Attraction features a specially programmed drive system designed for operational ease. This system assures safe, simple start and stop procedures. This system will allow simultaneous loading of one Vehicle each time, easy to to accommodate mobility-impaired passengers and will allow them access for secure entry and exit.